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My relationship with Metro Investment Properties has been excellent. They are very personable and diligent. I heartily recommend them as a leasing agent and very good people.

Georgia Werner

Dr. Smallwood
Ackiss Jr., DDS

This letter is written in reference to the service you provided to me. In 2006, I had the pleasure of having you as my realtor. At that time I was in the process of retiring from dentistry and selling my office building. After you surveyed my property you gave me a price that you thought would be appealing to a buyer and was in keeping with property that had sold in that area.

After meeting with you on several occasions you presented to me a marketing brochure titled Offering Memorandum. This brochure provided a summary of information to prospective buyers. It detailed various aspects of the property to the point of providing a mental walk through of the property and surrounding area. The property sold within months at the asking price.

It was a pleasure working with you due to your professional approach, your knowledge of real estate and your attention to valuable details.


Smallwood Ackiss Jr., DDS

Georgia Werner

To whom it may concern, I would give Metro Investment Properties my highest recommendation. Our agent was here for the entire process. Any problem or issue that had arisen, he did everything in his power to make it right. Our agent was very motivated and very loyal to his clients. I always felt like our agent promptly responded to any of my needs during this transaction. If you are looking for a personal and rewarding experience Mr. Chris Dixon is the one to take care of your concerns.


Jerry Goldkind

As counsel to a client who owned a parcel of real estate in the District of Columbia, this past year I had an opportunity to work and meet with Metro Investment Properties. Throughout that process, MIP demonstrated a strong knowledge and understanding of the market conditions affecting the value of the property and how those conditions impacted on offers being made to my client. MIP managed the transaction from start to finish, in both a professional and responsible manner, that culminated in a timely and financially acceptable settlement for my client.

Based upon my firsthand experience in working with Metro Investment Properties, I would certainly recommend them to other clients and colleagues seeking the assistance of a professional real estate agent.

Very Truly Yours,

William H. Harris, Jr.

Greenstein Delorme & Luchs. P.C.

Greenstein Delorme
& Luchs. P.C.

Jerry Goldkind

Wanted to pass a note along about Metro Investment Properties. They were great. We engaged their services in January and in 3 months we had four excellent candidates to lease our retail space. They really looked for tenants that "fit" our neighborhood and our business (we work up stairs). In a few weeks we will have a nice little furniture shop downstairs and rental income in my pocket.




Design Army, Inc.

During the past four plus years I have worked as a real estate developer. Prior to this I worked in the Information Technology field for over 15 years. As such, I was an expert in Information Technology, but had a lot to learn about real estate. Boy, did I have a lot to learn and am still learning! One of the people that have helped me gain an insider's track on real estate development over the years, especially in upper northwest DC has been Chris Dixon.

Chris has been a reference book when it comes to knowing what is happening in both Georgia Avenue and 'H' Street corridors. He has made it his business and his passion to stay in tuned and up to date with both mover-and-shakers, owners, tenants, councilmembers, ANCs' and commercial developments in these neighborhoods. Focused, driven, and perpetually up to the challenge would be my characterization of Chris Dixon professionally.

On a personal level, my interactions with Chris have been warm and down-to-earth. Chris is personable and very accommodating. I believe Chris has a deep desire to genuinely help others and be a solution. Chris always brings fresh perspective.

I am fortunate and glad to have Chris Dixon among my arsenal as I take on a challenging real estate terrain.

-Joe Njoku

Design Army, Inc.

Joe Njoku

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